"Ata o corenta de maio non te quites o saio"

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Jó napot!!smiley

 The sun shone through the window this morning and now I feel very happy and active. In other hand it`s necessary to say that yesterday we went to Tusnad (a town near our city) and we could enjoy the spa´s there. 

Yesterday was the Ocean's day and today Jenya and me will go to Kezdikovar to enjoy and to show to the children the problems cause by plastic in ocean. In addition we will make bracelet’s to recycle plastic bags and try to teach them the importance to re-use plastic things. Ocean is far away from here but all our rubbish will finish there if we don’t put them in the correct way. It’s another opportunity also to approach them a little part of our world and to show other things that they never saw in their life.

Last week we did the “Moving Afternoon!” and that consists to play different games with children. Was very funny, we changed the game “Beer pong” for “Basket pong” and a lot of guys enjoyed it. In addition we played Twister and I finally learned to say “right” and “left” in Hungarian.

About weather (always is in important in my blog), it’s crazy, someday is very rainy and the day after too sunny. I think that our peppers and tomatoes are surviving in the field. This week it`s the turn of Padron`s peppers. As Darwin said:

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent, that survives. It’s the one that is most adaptable to change.”

So I trust in our little plants and they will adapt to this crazy weather.

These weeks we are making a little newspaper to give the people here about us and our project, and it’s very nice idea. I’m learning a lot about the program to do that and I’m sure that in my future will be good, also I’m learning to use Photoshop. I wanted years ago to learn about these programs but I never had time, so now it’s the moment. I’m drawing one poster about one photography event and I will use Photoshop to change something, I’m very motivated with that.

Next Sunday and Monday we will have day off, but this month we need to survive with a little bit money because last week in June is David Gilmour’s concert and Vienna is very expensive so... this month we will do -if the weather allow us- mini trips by bicycle. Summer now is very close so we need to prepare our bodies to show in the Black Sea in July. cheeky

About the picture… is our kitchen’s window. During the mornings the sun appears in our flat from that way and there are my plants.. the most beautiful Orchid, received from Enrique in my birthday and it´s the first time that one orchid doesn’t died in my hands, the second is a basil, I love basil smell and it is so tasty, is one of my favorite aromatically plants and Attila gives me in the woman’s day. The third is one rosebush with white flowers, I thought that it had died but with love and water survived, Katika`s mother gave me also in the woman’s day. The last it’s a parsley, I don`t have words for that, it`s very useful to have in our kitchen hahaha. So.., yes is one of my favorites places in our flat, especially in the mornings. 


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