Bye bye June

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Time is running very fast and David Gilmour concert is in 5 days!! Yesterday I was very tired, wasn’t a hard day, just a little bit because I’m working in a new poster with Photoshop, but this hot is worst than in Salamanca. I’m struggling to survive!! Last Sunday we went to St. Ana Lake and I could feel the water and also watch a little bear. Water temperature was not so good, was slightly warm but besides that, the place is really beautiful and in the middle of the mountain. We spent there some hours drinking beer, enjoying nature and water meanwhile two friends were sending me Cíes Islands pictures with very fresh water and white find sand so I missed sometime them and summer in my city.

This week we have an event about the healthy life and sport, we run to promote that and today we had a ping pong championship. Saturday will be a bike tour but we are not going because Enrique and me will need to take the bus to go to Budapest and after Vienna, so maybe we can ride the bike in the morning.

We finished our newspaper, “The EVS Times” and now I can say that I know some about Adobe In Design. We spent a lot of time in that but we like the result, we tried to don`t use a lot of colour and also recycle paper to don`t generate danger in our earth. If you want to read:

Now I’m working in one poster and I’m very motivated with that and also I want to finish tomorrow if it’s possible.

Today after Sportcenter we went to play tennis (my first time) and I liked a lot, I want to go more times, this year it’s been full with new experiences wink. Our plants are growing very good in the field and also we went to put some water and that was my day today.

Now I need to take a shower and prepare my little trip to Vienna.

See you!!

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