Long term holidays will start tomorrow!!

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 I’m very excited because I will go to a lot of cities that I didn’t go until now. The weather is not so good if I compare with Vigo (35º in my city.. its anormal.. climate change is doing that!!). Today for example i’m wearing long trousers.. so that it’s the life. Hopefully in one week and a half, in the Black Sea the weather will be better, and I will able to swim and to get a little brown (or red).

This month the activities in the organization will change a little bit.. We will do an event with bikes about to find something through tracks and that will be a competition. Also we will sleep one night outside so I think (if the weather allow us) that will be very good. Some weeks ago we also did a Gyncana with small children in Oszdola and was very nice, we enjoyed a lot and we did some games with water because was a very warm day, we will similar thing at the final of this month with another children and hopefully they will enjoy.

Today I’m harried, we need to prepare  the luggage and leave tidy our windows and all the flat because Jhenya also will go to Arad so it’s a stress day.  Moreover I worked one hour ago in upload pictures to the new website and is a little bit boried.. but we can travel day more for that.

The picture we took in Budapest, we visited Margarita Island and we could enjoy with some Hungarian people one Eurocopa match.. but they lose.. but was very nice, a new experience. About David Gilmour concert… I will not say nothing.. I only have one word: INCREDIBLE!! When I listen one Pink Floyd song now I want to go to another concert! I also like Viena, it’s very elegance, however I prefer Budapest.

So.. I need to clean the bathroom and more and more and more things so I will write after holidays.. (19 July), meanwhile we will enjoy and we will plan another trip in August. I love this life and Hungarian people (but not the language cheeky )



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