Waiting for holidays

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July.. Half summer already passed. And I yet have not a residence card. Yes, so sad..(( Because I couldn’t travel out from Romania with my friends. But such is life.. I will travel to other countries later.

This month we have one week holidays. So, tomorrow I am going to Arad where waiting for me my Armenian friends and new adventures. Yes the way will be longer, 9-10 hours in train but I am thinking about enjoying.

Yesterday from Spain come here Enriqe’s mother and her boyfriend. They are amazing people. They come to our house, in evening we did together dinner and after went to Balvanyos to see bears. We so them. Just I couldn’t do any photo. By the way, Enriqe’s mother bring for me chocolate..))

In Torja village is one men who has a lot of rabbits. So, Green Sun Assocation was invited there to see rabbits. There were almost 200 rabits- the biggest once and the kicsi once.They were so nice. Also that man has a pigeons which we saw. Besides, the rabbits farm owner is a collectioner. He has almost 7000 coins and money. The oldest is from 15 centry. Was very interesting,nothing to say..)

Last week I with my friends was at a lake. Of course that isn’t beautiful as much as Saint Ana lake but I had a lot fun. Also we were in Covasna city.

We  also were in one village. There I saw a lot of domestic animals and the black pig-that was the new for me.

And now Arad is waiting for me..)))

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