La revedere Arad !!!

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Arad the next big city in Romania which I saw after Brasov and Sibiu. Of course, 13 hours go and back by train made me so tired but I thought only about enjoying.

Arad is a beautiful city with amazing buildings and a lot of shopping centers. Also the train station of Arad is very modern. My friends says that even in Bucharest isn’t train station like that one.

In Arad I stayed with my Armenian and Georgian friends. That amazing girls did all things for me so I fell good. And they could do it. I stay there 3 days but I am full of expirations about that city. The old tower, amazing statues and medieval buildings allow to feel myself in medieval times. I am not speaking about riverside which was like miracle in the night. In Arad I first time set in tramway after a long time brake because in Yerevan last tramway was about 15 years ago.

Me and my friends did a lot of crazy things. I also improved a bit my Romanian.

I hope I will be again in that amazing city and meet my friends, so la revedere Arad.




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