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 It’s Wednesday morning and I’m very active, definitely it’s better sleep fewer hours!! It’s a sunny day but with the forecast in this region you never know and maybe in one hour will rain like in winter time.

Summer activities in the organization are being very good; we worked in the family festival and also in SIC Fest. With our knowledge in recycling we did crocodiles, flowers and dragon monsters with toilet paper role and children could enjoy making and painting it.

In three days we will be able to ride our bikes again in the fields because we will have a bike tour, hopefully the weather will allow us. During Sunday we need to go to Brasov for the mid term meeting so will be a weekend full of activities.

Two weeks ago we were in a camp in the forest with 18 children. Was very amazing, in the middle of nothing without signal and a lot of bears in the surroundings. I could taste  szekely food, listen traditional songs and learn some new Hungarian words. Like in almost all the camps we made one big fire and with a clear sky we saw some constellations meanwhile Jenya was telling us legends about that. My aim this month will be make a video for them. A very good experience that for sure I will never forget.

Summer is ending and here the temperature is not so high but it’s better if not I will miss more the sea. Autumn is coming and we don’t have big plans for that season yet. I’m sure we will travel to the nearest forest to feel the leaves falling from the threes and delight with the beautiful landscape. Ending of September we will have another camp with adolescents and I did a mug for them about recycle, they need to start to keep safe the planet.

I’m waiting Kezdi days but I need to save power. Since zucchinis started to appear we can not stop eat them, we have a too many and our recipes ideas are finishing! Tonight I will taste our first padron peppers.

It’s time for breakfast and start this day with a lot of energy, so I will write more in other moment.

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