My life in Romania

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Few months ago I wrote about my first cold May. And this is my first cold and stormy August. But this is Transylvania and you never know how much “kind” can be the weather. Very unusual for me to get cold in this weather. So I called  it Dracula’s weather.
In August we had a camp with children. It was very interesting. Was just unusual that there were no internet, no phone because we were in the forest. But that is also has his pluses. Without internet we (stuff) and children communicated only with each other and there were no virtual life.
We also visited the cheese producer and tasted very tasty cheese. Was very interesting the technology- how it was made. I grew up in village and I saw a lot of time how my grandmother make a cheese. But this one was  quite different. Also they have a type of yoghurt which is very common in Armenia. We are calling it matsun (մածուն).
The same day we visited the stone cutter. There also was interesting things. But the bad thing was that the men who cute the stone don’t protected themselves. For example they can wear special eyeglasses or something for protect the respiratory system and the troth.
My free time I usually passing with my friend who is also my zumba teacher. By the way, since July I am going to zumba classes. I liked that so much, it is very relaxing.
And now I am preparing for mid term training. It is going to be in 21-24 in Brasov. I am sure I will know a lot of new things and will have a fun.

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