August. To the half

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Can you feel the autum?  Crazy weather. And my mother still wondering why I’m interested on meteorology and climate change… This is only the beginning. It’s said that by 2050 the damage on our planet will be changeless. Some “brilliant minds” are looking for some new planets with suitable conditions of living trying to establish a plan of escape in case the Earth says enough, regardless of the impossibility of find one better than this. Anyway, here we are, enjoying every new day and saying thank you that we are still able to discover all the beautiful things that happen daily.

Last week took place one summer camp with children. This kind of camps are the good way to get involve into a community of children to work deeply in some good values. Are the perfect chance to be a reference for those children who never think about one better world can be possible, and where new generations have a big role in this crazy world.  I have experience in this type of camps, but this time, I feel somehow disappointed about the language fence. To learn Hungarian is quite difficult. In my day in day out is not a problem, but in the camp, I know that I could have given more if I could have spoken directly with children, and not with intermediators, because after 2 translations, the message is not the same, and children are not confidentially with someone who cannot speak. Also, the camp was short-term. As I said before, these camps are a huge chance to get deeper in children, visiting schools one hour and doing some games eventually with them, is hard that the message reaches deep, and after the activities, they usually forget about the why of the activity.
The next one will be next month and I hope I will have the opportunity to take part of the organizing team and develop one new camp full of energy. I love to do that.

On the other hand, yesterday we visited one cheese producer and one stonecutter, and this kind of cultural activities that we eventually get involved are really nice, I enjoyed it a lot.

I leave here the link of our update of our trip in Viena.
If someone read this and want to give me a feedback, I will be very happy to know about it.

Thank you for your time.

Enjoy and smile!

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