Thursday 1st September!!

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Exactly 6 months since I came to Kézdivásárhely. Many things have changed since 1st March (now for me is normal to open the wash machine for the top or try to pronounce some Hungarian vowels and get crazy). To celebrate half-year living here, tomorrow morning I will be in route to Serbia and Montenegro (Dubrovnik in Croatia will be included almost for sure) . Six months ago I did not think about that country but surely will surprise me. I love this life and my mother constantly wonders why I don’t want to come back home!! 

Summer is ending but the most beautiful season is coming: Autumn! Mixing brown, red, yellow and Romanian and Hungarian forest we only can obtain a lovely landscape, and also will be the last opportunity to be delight for the bears before overwintering. Enrique and me don´t have big plans for travel next months, we want spend our free time in the surroundings breathing healthy air and trekking (maybe going some spa). After autumn, winter will come with very good plans: 10 days in Vigo and 9 in Poland… cannot be better.

Last week we spent some days in Brasov knowing new volunteers from others organizations and also meeting again with some old friends. We enjoyed some of the nights trying to learn Turkish dance, singing Bella Ciao, Bailando and La Bamba, attempting  to understand Armenian words and listening the good French level of our waiter!  (Strange mix but that is the way to be more open minded and understand another cultures, travel and meet another people from different countries is always good!)

“Patatas a la Riojana” in Kezdi, why not?! Without octopus becomes impossible to seduce people here, so searching recipes with potato we founded another special dish from Spain.. patatas a la Riojana and that was our bet in the potato festival. Armenian-Russian dish was our starter and Katika cooked one delicious dessert with the famous tuber.  (You can not feel potato flavor, was really hide and tasy). A funny thing was to be hippies eating chorizo.. and singing La Macarena.. I let you to think about it..

Why not to be a székely bride in the middle of székely soldiers?! Something is changing inside my body and mind!! Crazy year with crazy Rungarian people.. The picture is about that, It was funny!

Kezdi days were last week and some of the activities included were the Pityókafesztivál (potato festival) and to wear old dresses. Like in almost city days some bands played during afternoons and evening, was really nice. We also took part of the city days doing some activities like offering young people to discover their city. Very good atmosphere during three days, I liked it.

Next days I will take energy from Adriatic sea and I will tell you how it was. I would say that one of my power source will be swimming, feeling salty water in my body!! 

Always it’s good to know more things about Romania and you can see in the next link about the higher road here and it’s very recommendable (break with the prejudices about this country because is really beautiful!):


See you!

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