Kézdivásárhely again!

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 It’s very difficult to say but... holidays are over!! Two days ago we arrived home after 2900 km by car during one week and despite that, I enjoyed a lot and I felt in love with Montenegro. Was a pleasure to taste the salty Adriatic Sea water meanwhile a lot of fishes were swimming close to me. A good trip with good people and of course, very good landscapes and beautiful small cities. About gastronomy, I discovered a very tasty dish: Sopshka salad (cucumber, tomatoe and grated salty cheese) but also Montenegro is famous for their mussel’s farms in Kotor bay and of course we ate and were very delicious. I remembered a little bit Vigo because I saw in almost every restaurant octopus, squids and oyster and not always, but sometimes the saying “like at home in nowhere” is true. Referring to the historical part of the area, I learned some things that were unknown for me before, one of them Muslims population. (We visited a Mosque and the feeling was incredible).

Turning now to the routine, it’s time to prepare the new events like peace day, bike tour or a camp. Also we will start with Spanish lessons and hopefully a lot of people will come. Schools started again and also ping pong classes so we have a lot of work!!

Forests are saying hello to autumn time and are getting very beautiful, so that is my next motivation. After see autumn pictures of Sfant Ana Lake I only want to go.

I need to put a lot of wash machines and sort the bedroom so I will write later!

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Bye bye.

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