Sunday morning

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It’s a day to listen Velvet Underground and be flying during all day, with my headache and the virus attacking me I only can sing loudly “Sunday morning and I`m falling I´ve got a feeling I don´t want to know, early dawning, Sunday morning”. How amazing could be this day if would spend sewing and getting better at home… buuut I can´t! It’s a work day and we have a big event: the photo contest, my first poster was to promote this so I must go and enjoy with the amazing shots of moving, there are really good pictures!

Another weekend it’s almost over and different activities and events are coming. A special week is peeking and hopefully will bring some snow. During two days we are going out the city, with the local volunteers to share some knowledge and moments together, will be a good experience and if the weather allows us we will go to trekking, I need to move my body and feel alive. Last week’s I spent time and time sewing, studying and working with the Spanish event so it’s time to make something out of routine. On the other hand in 19 days I would be able to feel the sea breeze and will give me a lot of energy (or maybe I can swim, my blood will appreciate it..), actually I have an inner dilemma because to be at home means that the project will be almost over but, of course I really want to go to Vigo

Nowadays I’m full with motivation and projects so I can´t fell asleep, It´s necessary to keep learning every day and being with a smile on my face, I’m sure that I will miss this life so It’s important to enjoy each moment here. Furthermore Enrique receives a Norway town puzzle and has 1000 small pieces. Another plus activity at home and must be ended in two months. (It´s a clear signal that Norway will appear in my life..)

Its time to enjoy this day, maybe time to listen Pink Floyd or something similar and go outside and feel the cold air bringing a cloudy sky.



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