Just a winter's life

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So, again time to write a blog article. Well, we can start…)))

Now is middle of January, around 5:30 and the outside is dark. Yes, winter. One wise man said that every season is beautiful. OK, I agree, morever, I like the snow. But it's too cold and too dark..(((

But in spite of cold romanian winter I traveled. I visited my friends in Dragasani. It was far away but I had fun. Always is good to meet your friends․ The road was very long. But I could enjoy Brasov and that is amazing in wintertime.

In my opinion Dragasani isn't beautiful city but for me it wasn't important because there I met my old friends, also made new friends. We did a lot of crazy things which I never can forget.

Also we visited to Craiova. That is not small but also not a big city. The city center was decorated with a beautiful lights, so you could feel a New Year's Eve spirit. There also I met some of my friends, we had a birthday party. Was very-very nice.

Next day me and my friends went back to Dragasani. And after it I came back to Kezdivasarhely. I hate to say goodbye. But that is the life. You always need to say goodbye someone. And you always meet someone new who can become an important part of your life.

Now I start to work again. I am preparing for Armenian national evening in Kezdivasarhely. This time I want to do something new, hopefully I can manage and local people will like it.

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