“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

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So, at first I would like again to speak about weather. Outside is very cold. Here last time snowed two days before but there is a lot of snow and ice. OK, I agree winter is also beautiful with his white cover, especially beautiful the birds on the trees without leaves. But the same I am impatiently waiting for a spring, maybe because that time I already will be at home, in Yerevan. By the way I am leaving Romania after 3 weeks. Now is almost 10 months that I am here and already start to get used to. But the time is running and I must be ready for closing this page of my life. I think there is nothing wonderful for me then after long time to see again mount Ararat when my plane will land at Zvartnots airport.

Silvita already leaved. I hope to see her one more time till I'll be here. If no, I hope to see her in Armenia or in Spain. She promise me to come one day in Armenia. I also promise to go to Spain. I told her and Enrique about Armenian king who lived in Spain and who was a the owner of Madrid, Villiareale and other cities. So we together will go to that cities.., hopefully…))

About activities...I started Russian lessons. I have only two students but that is good. In this case the important thing is motivation.

And in 26th of January took place Armenian national evening. I again made gata (գաթա)-Armenian national cake. Here people likes it a lot. Also I met some Armenians who came for know new things about their motherland where they never have been. Hopefully after this they would like to visit to Armenia.

At the end we danced Armenian national dance Qochari (Քոչարի)․ So everybody was happy and satisfated.

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