Two weeks..

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 This morning I woke up not so active, I was dreaming that I was scuba diving so was sooooo relaxed and I wanted more but the reality hits me, and of course I have to do a lot of things. Last weeks in Kézdi will be too busy for me because I must to do the Youthpass, a certificate where appears in it all the new things that I learned during last 11 months. It´s a very good way to recognize this volunteering program and also will be helpful for next applications, both for study or seek a job.

I couldn´t go to the last trekking that Zold Nap did last week so since a lot of time I´m not going to the mountain and I need it, maybe during the last weekend in Romania Enrique and me will enjoy some time between bears and the sulphure smell, and who knows, maybe some hours inside the good waters of the spa. Will be hard to say goodbye, but the life still continues and new goals will appear so with a lot of energy we will reach it. Wherever I will be, I will wait some visit from the szekler land!!

Definitively I decided to spend the less time possible in a big city, and inclusively in a city. This year in Kezdi helps me to understand how is the life in small areas and clearly you improve a lot about life quality when a lot of cars are not in the surroundings. In my opinion the food also is important because you can find easily local food, and that in almost always means that didn´t suffer some process before eat it and that is nice and healthier.

I cannot stop listen Hungarian songs, the problem comes at singing, im like a parrot trying to repeat some words. I will keep always in my mind that songs because will give me good moments of last year.

My life will turn into another direction totally different and also I must to say that I will be near my family, specially my niece so nothing bad can happen. Spain and Portugal are waiting for Enrique and me for continue writing about our travels and continue with our future!!

I must to work in the youthpass so see you in a couple of weeks!

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