I believe in luck!

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     I was on the plane after a long wait and ı was so excited. I was going to wait for my other volunteer friend when I got off the plane. l am waited an hour and then she came and after an hour our was bus get up.

    We arrived in Brasov after 3 hours and we was meet Attila. When we came home we were very tired and we slept immediately. Isabel and I went out city the next day. This is here was a very small city for me but i loved. It's nice that people use bicycles in everyday life and people seem peaceful.

The next day we met with other volunteers in the association and all are fun people.  Our are other volunteer friends, Haykuhi arrived 1 week ago. I no longer have any worries because Haykuhi, İsa and other people excellent.

Author: Ayşe Büşra Yılmaz


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