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      Last week I was in Spain. My father has a shop. I usually help him in the shop. The customers asked me: where are you living? I explained to them that I am doing en EVS project, I work with children, I do sport and I learn English but when I said I am living in Romania... the tone of their voices changed.

      It is hard to fight against prejudices. Prejudices are an opinion we have before knowing something or meeting sombody. It is an idea without foundation. It is based on the opinion of friend´s friend. Romania is another country like Spain and Romania people emigrate for improving their life, the same way Spanish people emigrated 50 years ago or 5 years ago.

     My uncle and my brothers visited me, they think it is a beautiful country. If I hadn´t been here, they wouldn´t have come and they wouldn´t have known it. My only comfort is that not everybody has the same behaviour when it comes to judging other people. 

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