Potato festival with a delicious end

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Last weekend was the potato festival in Kézdivásárhely, and I want to tell you how was my expectations about it. Many teams could participate, from a differents associations, each one had to decorate our own tend and tables, also expose the pre-food, main food and dessert just that the main ingredient had to be potato.

As you know our association has a international people so our idea was make each dish from one country. The pre-food was ''Raffaella'', from Russia, the main food was ''Estofado'' from Spain and the last, the dessert, was a potato cake from Armenia. My mission was manage the main food, just only this dish we could to preparate there, the others we could to preparate at home. So, I decided to be the manager but...was the first time that I was going to cook this dish! Also was the first time that I cooked with wood, fire and outiside the kitchen. It was a challenge for me...

I'm so proud from my team, because we could to finish the food on time with their help. After that we needed to wait for the jury and explain to their what I put and from where was the dishes. We could to taste the dishes as well, and for me was delicious but the final choice was on the jury hands.

After wait till the final of the event everybody met to know the winners. The jury shared the second and the first places because it was so balance and the points were the same. We still wating and finally we listened our name and in this moment I was so happy and so proud of everybody. We got souvenirs and a diplom for our association.

Maybe I can think about this work area, because I really liked the experience!

Photo: Ráduly Attila

Author: Carmen Gallardo Serrano

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