OAT Training in Bucharest

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From 26 August till  1st of September Miguel Angel Paya Abadia and Alen Margaryan, volunteers of the project friends of the environment!, had participated at the On Arrival Training organized by the Romanian National Agency in Bucharest. For more photos please visit the association`s Facebook page. 

There had participated 30  EVS volunteers, who had come in Romania in the last month from 10 countries. At 1st day we met each other and played  games to get us know each other better. We had sessions about  “team work” as well. The second day we had learn about “Volunteer, National Agency”, “Health insurance”, “Mentor” and  “EVS  challenges”.

The third day we had meeting with the National Agency employees, we discussed what means conflict-management, we talked about motivation and Youth pass, and in the evening we had  one “intercultural evening”. The next 2 days we had some interesting games , we visited places in the city, spoke about ours dreams and how we can achieve them. And in the end of day we discussed and summed up all training time, what we understood, how we will work. This was the final evaluation of the training.
So in these days we received interesting and useful information, earned  new friendships and spend nice days.

Author: Alen Margaryan

Photo: Luciana Bold-Popescu