Advance Planning Visit (APV) of the Re-style your life to live a healthy life! project

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Between 4 - 6th of September, 3 associations from 3 different countries visited Kézdivásárhely, to prepare for first, week long youth exchange (named: "Re-style your life to live a healthy life!", project number: 2019-1-RO01-KA105-062187) project number that will be organized in the town, between 4-11 October, partially sponsored by the Erasmus+ found. The abroad associations mentioned above are: SEE giving opportunities TEAM from Greece, United Youth from Armenia, Nyitott Szemmel Association from Hungary.

The host organization of the exchange will be the local Green Sun Association, which already sent many youth people abroad in the last 10 years, through trainings, volunteering possibilities and youth exchanges, still, this will be the first time for them, in which they have international parners for a short time exchange.

Representatives of the associations mentioned were Attila Szabó, Konstantina Pingoiu, Anna Smbatyan and Árpád Szilveszter Molnár, respectively. They got to know each other and the venue better, as they worked to prepare every important details for October, also discussed the specific schemes which will help them to select the 6-6 participants among the (18-30 years old) applicants. The Green Sun Association is accepting applications from the surroundings of Kézdivásárhely.

Aim of this project is to raise awareness of the young generation to the nowadays unpleasant diets of the counties, through non-formal learning and information sharing about the wide-spread world of gastronomy, which helps to build a bridge between cultures and religious understanding.

Photos made during the pre-visit can be seen on the Facebook page of the association.