The newspaper “Zöld Napok” reached its 35th edition!

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Dear friends and followers of Green Sun Association! We wish you a happy new year, full of challenges and success! We are proud to announce that this year’s first edition of the newspaper “Zöld Napok” was published. As usual, the last season’s volunteer – in this case the title was won by Mihály Csaba – is presented in the first part of the paper. After, we inform you regarding the programs organized by the association in the previous three months. First, you can read about the events “24 Hours Running” and “Peace Day”, then about “Moving Afternoon” of October, the conclusions of the international youth exchange program “Re-style” and the volunteer report of Balogh Ákos about his experience of 7 months on the island of “Filantrópia”.

On the following pages you can find out more about the inauguration of a new playground, the Georgian and Turkish national evenings, the success of the Russian club and the event “Don not waste, live longer!”. The last part of this edition presents the annual report of the association’s leader, Ráduly Attila.

Special thanks to Biró Levente for the redaction of the newspaper and to everyone, who supported the publication, for their effort. 

Read the newspaper online, on our website, or get your copy at Green Sun Association’s office!

Author: Kis Emese