Photo exhibition "Ezek is mi vagyunk!" (We, from another perspective!)

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The photo contest announced by the Green Sun Association "Ezek is mi vagyunk!" (We, from another perspective!), ended a few days ago. The photo contest was announced for the 12th time by the association in order to draw attention to the relationship between human and nature, to the miracle that occurs through the natural, continuous change of life and last but not least to the power of nature in forming communities.

In the last 5 months, 317 creations made by 119 competitors from the entire Carpathian Basin arrived at the photo contest. At the photo exhibition you can see the best creations evaluated by the jury of three independent members (Bede Gábor, Nagy Lajos and Kelemen Gábor). Due to the pandemic, the exhibition will take place online on December 18. 2020, broadcast live via Facebook Live from the Exhibition Hall of the Vigadó House of Culture.

The exhibition will be attended by students from the Bod Péter Pedagogical High School - Pálkó Bernát (Prof. Kis Emese) Imre Mária-Anita (Prof. Gligor Zoltán). Nagy Lajos, the president of the jury and the secretary of the Romanian photographers' association, will analyze the exhibited photos and will offer recommendations to the future competitors.

The authors of the best creations will be awarded and a calendar for 2021 will be created as well.

Sponsors: Vigadó House of Culture, Communitas Foundation and the European Solidarity Corps.