‘School in a different way’ in TURÓCZI MÓZES school

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The EVS (European Volunteering Service) volunteers of the Green Sun Association, Ieva Brikmane from Latvia and Gayane Asatryan from Armenia were invitees of the Turóczi Mózes School. Photos taken at this event can be seen on the facebook page of the association.

Within the framework of the educational program ‘School in a different way,’ on 3rd of April 2012, the EVS girls helped decide on the best poem-tellers, at the reciting contest organized by English teachers György Andrea and Szvoboda Melinda. Following the contest Ieva and Gayane listened to English songs and solved some related fun activities, together with the students. On April 4th, the EVS girls offered an opportunity to discover Latvia and Armenia in class V.A., where they also listened to and graded poems in English, and after that together with the form-master György Andrea and her class, they participated at a quilling activity. The students of the school were very enthusiastic about the two girls’ visit and would be happy if they came back for other activities. Ieva and Gayane are here due to the European Volunteering Service, the second action of the Youth in Action programme.

Author and photo: György Andrea