The 14 issue of Green Sun editorial had appeared

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Starting from the middle of October those who are interested can read the 14th issue of the editorial appeared under the auspices of the Green Sun Association. The publication edited by Bíró Levente contains among others information about the project launched in August Think green. Color the life !, about mobility week or the peace day organized for the 6th consecutive year by Green Sun Assocation.

From the editorial we can also find out that the most active voluntar of the previous months was Mrs. Györgyjakab Boróka and we congratulates her with this occasion too. From the interview made with Céline Berthier we can found out why she has chose to bee volunteer in a foreign country and why she had you chose GSA as her host organization. Among others the greens talk about the fitness park opened in late August and the treasure hunt which they had organized on the Nemere Trail.

Offered for free the editorial is available online too on the website