The 4th edition of Green Suns was published

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The highly anticipated 4th edition of the Green Sun Association’s brochure was published. The publication gives details about the oil collecting campaign in autumn, the book distributing action, the promoting caravan of the Nemere Trail and about the report of year 2011. The publication, edited by Biró Levente, let the readers know that Balázs Attila beacame the season’s most active volunteer, and you can also read Rácz Levente Botond activist’s report about how did he became a member of the GSA and how did he come to really like this association. The reader is guided by Tóth Katalin, environmental expert, into the mysteries of the Green offices through her “Green Practices” article. We can read from Csonta Lászlo’s article a short report about the recently organized civil organizations meeting in Csikszereda, which will be continued in Sepsiszentgyorgy at the end of January. Ráduly Attila, the president of the Green Sun Association lets us know that the association closed a successful year, the hard work brought success. However, the president of the association and the team of the Green Sun Association wish a successful New Year for everyone. The free brochure will be published in every three months and it’s available on the webpage.

Translated by Péter Csilla