4th Nemere Trail Camp- Maksa

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The Green Sun Association and the Cholnoky Jenő Geographic Society organizes the 4th and at the same time the last Nemere Trail Camp at 13-14 August, with the support of Enviromental Partnership Foundation and Tusnád Ásványvíz Rt. Everyone is welcome by the organizers, who wants to participate to the designation of the green trail. They would love to see volunteers from all over Transylvania or even from other parts of the country. Participants have to settle their journey to Kézdivásárhely, they are asked to bring with themselves sleeping-bags, polifoam and bicycle. You can read about the previous camps here and see the 3rd camp’s video summary.

People who will be involved in the camp will be divided in more groups: the camp located in the school of Maksa will be prepared by a group formed of 3 people, they will take care of catering and accommodation, receive the route assigning group, media representatives and musicians. There will be a pre-cycling group who will paint the white markings at the trail. Shortly after them, the pro-cycling team will start their journey and will paint green and red markings on the white markings. The teams will head touching the following settlements: Kézdivásárhely, Ikafalva, Csernáton, Kézdialbis, Dálnok, Maksa, Eresztevény, Réty, Bita, Feldoboly, Kézdivásárhely. The departure will be at 9:30AM from the Sinkovits Stadion at Kézdivásárhely. Detailed programme- time schedule 13 August, Saturday 9:30-10:00- Arrangements, discussions 10:00-13:30- Painting the signs on the assigned route 13:30-15:00- Lunch (sandwich) 15:00-18:00- Painting signs on the next route 19:00- 20:00- Dinner 20:00-21:30- The age of stupidity- movie projection 21:30- Free time activities 14 August, Sunday 8:00- 8:20- Reveille 8:20- 9:00- Breakfast 9:00- 13:00- Painting on the assigned route 13:00- 14:00- Lunch 14:00- 17:00- Painting on the next part of the route 17:00- 17:30- Evaluating the camp You’ll find information and details about the route on the portal dedicated to this issue. Partners taking part in the 4th camp: Orbán Balázs general school of Maksa, Pro Ozsdola Interetnikus Association, KSE- Bicycle section; Supporting partners: Communitas Foundation, Promobil Kft., Tekergő bicycle shop; Media supporting partners: Profi Radio, Pluszportál, Transindex, Székely Újság, Székely Hírmondó, Siculus Radio, Háromszék, Szabadidőkalauz, Polyp Tv, Kezdi.info.

Author: Ráduly Attila project coordinator Translated by Péter Csilla