5 days of happiness - or where we have been all week!

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From 24 to 30 June, I, Carmen and Zsofi we have participated at OAT training course for EVS volunteers under the Erasmus+ Programe. The training was organized for EVS volunteers who will be in Romania for at least 2 months. Turkey, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, France and Russia was present at the training.

Summarizing that means: 34 people from 12 countries.

Age: 18 to 27 years, 4 coaches.

And a sea of emotions!

Every day from 9: 30 to 18: 30 we had 4 workshops with lunch breaks and 2 coffee breaks.  Using various methods, we were told about what EVS and Erasmus+ are, how, when and why you can contact Cigna insurance company. We shared our goals and plans with each other, talked about our countries of residence and the cities in which we live now, about the projects in which we participate.  We have analyzed examples of difficulties that have arisen now or may arise during the stay on the project.

20 workshops in 5 days is difficult. Our brain was filled with a lot of information, and sometimes even overloaded. 

Everything was in English, and for many, as for me, there were some difficulties of understanding. It was at such times or/in difficult times that humanity and tolerance were the most important qualities.  During the General training came compatriots who translated what was unclear, or what you said to others. I was helped by a wonderful girl Anastasia from Ukraine, Ion from Moldova and Nandita from Portugal. Training with the division into groups of 4-5 people is not inferior in ease, although there was no person who speaks your language. Explanations "on the fingers", with the help of drawings, the replacement of long sentences for individual words, the lack of abbreviations and minimal use of Google and Yandex translators-all this United us.

Yes, we were divided into small groups, but within these groups we were constantly changing, so there was an opportunity to communicate with everyone! I have almost no photos of Bucharest, photos of attractions and photos with the guys... I enjoyed the moments and time spent in a good place and in great company .

Here are my five days of happiness .

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