Armenia- land of sun

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In December 14 in Ikafalva village took place the Armenian national evening which was called Armenia-land of sun. In spite of the cold temperature, -15 degree there were around 30 people. Photos during the national event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

All attendees with a big interest listened about Armenia, about Armenian culture and the country which was not known for some of them. At first we watched one small video about Armenia and Yerevan, after that I (Zhenya Ohanyan) spoke about small peace of Armenia- Nagorno Kharabakh or Artsakh. I showed also some videos about Armenian national dance. Of course our dances are bit strange for European people because Armenian people feel the dance during dancing. And that moving are not just movings for dance. That dances Armenian people are proudly dancing from generation to generation. For my Spanish friends was interesting the lavash's making process. They like that bread because I brought with me when I came here. They were interested also about Artsakh's situation. I made also one quize about Armenians in Romania. In Romania are living around 10000 Armenian and they built cities, had (and maybe have) success in trade. Some of them became Hungarian national heroes during Transylvanian war in 19th century.

At the end I presented national Armenian cake (klor gata) which Armenians are making usually in New Year. I put one coin inside of cake. According to Armenian belifes- the person, who find the coin, will have happy and successful year. The coin find the priest..)) So, I can say that the presentation was good and now I am waiting for 2017. 26 of January. The cause- that day I must present my country in Kézdivásárhey, in Vigadó.

By the way, the event was sponsored by Erasmus + .

Author- Zhenya Ohanyan