Arrival training

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According to the Youth in Action Programme Guide, all volunteers have the right and responsibility to attend EVS training sessions in order to receive information about the European Voluntary Service, support during their service and tools that will help them achieve as much as possible in the time of their service. The photos about the caravan are on view on the Facebook page of Green Sun Association.

During 19. - 25. February Gayane from Armenia and Ieva from Latvia (volunteers in Green Sun Association) took part in their Arrival training in beautiful mountain town Predeal. There was coming together 13 EVS volunteers from all over the world: Argentina, France, Peru, Uruguay, Spain, Turky, Nigeria, Germany, Austria. And two seminar trainers from Romania who during the week helped volunteers obtained knowledge about lows of EVS, sending and receiving organizations, duties of coordinators and mentors, about using of the Medical Assurance and answer to any interested questions. The Training pass using non-formal education tools like role games, city running, discusions and educational energizer games. This was good experience and chance to get to now new friends all over the Romania. Its let the volunteers feel more like at home and create a lot of new ideas about future plans!

Ieva Brikmane Gayane Asatryan