Arrival training for all EVS around Romania

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Last week we were in Predeal to learn everything about EVS program and also some useful things about Romania. This training had been organised for every EVS volunteer who came to Romania between January and February. Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association.

Before arrive in Predeal, we all had the fear that will be only a boring power point, but I can guarantee you we all were surprised how fun and useful it has been. We were informed about the EVS program: • The rights and responsibilities of different EVS actors (the volunteer, the Sending Organization, the Coordinating Organization, the National Agency, the mentor…) • The Youthpass that we can obtain • The medical insurance which we are eligible • The learning process • The intercultural awareness (how to become open to another culture different than ours) and the intercultural learning (how to integrate in this new culture and live with it). • Romanian language It was not only interesting for this…now we know more people around Romania who have the same or similar feeling than us, now we know their projects, their doubts (and also our doubts), fears, objectives, etc. and we also know more about ourselves. Now we have new friends who came from all around Europe (France, Latvia, Belgium, UK, Slovakia, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, Spain and Germany) and we shared our culture, we learned from all people, and sometimes we didn’t realized of that. This type of training is not only to learn theoretical, is more than that, is a contact between all the volunteers and an approach to the country's culture. For us it was awesome experience, and so useful. So we have to say thank you to Rozie and Cosmin for their work, and thank also for all volunteers who make possible a better world. Have a green day!