Avoiding the rain, enjoying the tour !

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On the 16 August 2014 , a group of bike rider from Kézdivásárhely and the surrounding of the city started a 78 km tour in 11 hours on the Nemere trail. www.nemere.zoldnap.info Photos from the event can be viewed on the association's Facebook page.

Green Sun association and the Sport Office of Kézdivásárhely had plan a two days bike tour during this weekend. Unfortunately, the weather forced us to shorten the tour in only one day of biking. Twenty-height biker met in front of the stadium at 9 in this cloudy morning. As soon as we started the tour the sun starting to shine and a fresh breeze blow us from our back. During this event, everybody can ride at his own pace : go slow and enjoy the landscape, go very fast and jump around... This activity can be realize with any type of bike and any physical condition. For example the youngest biker was 6 years old, and the oldest around 60 years old. During this event the equality between boys and girls was respected. The global speed was 7.5 klm/hour and the maximum speed was 36 km/hour. The group stop every 10 km to have a break, eat a sandwich in Szentkatolna , drink water, wait for every one, eat some home-made donuts in Csernáton , refresh your leg into a bath of mineral water in Székelypetőfalva. In Marcusa, a protestant priest Vinczi Botond explain us the history of the local temple, and how people from this village work together to renovate this building., The Green Sun association would like to thank all the smiley participants of this event, those who came for the first time in a Green Sun event, those who repaired the small technical bikes problems and Kocsis Zoltán from the Sport Office of Kézdivásárhely. If you missed this awesome event you can join us for another amazing bike treasure hunt the 13 and 14 of September. See you there!

Author : Celine Berthier photo edit : Vinczi Botond