Being a volunteer in the Green Sun Association XXII - Derzsi Eszter

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The consequences of a cycling tour I met the Green Sun in 2011, while trying to figure out the answer to the question ‘Do you want to come to a cycling tour?’ Other questions followed: Who,? Me,? Why,? How many kilometers? Getting all the answers, I started on this trip, not knowing whether I could resist the whole way or not. Those few weekends were interesting, I’ve learnt new things, I have visited new places, I have had stiffness in my legs, but the main thing was that I managed to get through and I also felt very good. Every day when I go to work, I can see the result of our work: the green trail called Nemere Trail. That’s how our mutual work began. Then one event followed the other and Green Sun gradually became a part of my life. Interesting people, new acquaintances, challenges – this is what I got in change for a few minutes, hours in which I helped the work of the association. Trasnlated by: György Andrea