Bicycle tour along the Nemere Trail on the occasion of the “Family and health week”

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On 7th September 2013 from 9 o’clock in the morning the sport office of Kézdivásárhely and the Green Sun Association organizes a bicycle tour along the Nemere Trail on the occasion of the “Family and health week”.

During the tour the following settlements will be crossed: Kézdivásárhely - Kézdiszentlélek - Kézdiszentkereszt - Bélafalva - Kurtapatak - Esztelnek - Csomortán - Kézdialmás - Lemhény - Bereck - Kézdimartonos - Ozsdola – Sárfalva.

On the one-day-long tour the cyclists will participate on a presentation in the Manna Center in Lemhény with the theme Healthy Family, and the lunch will be served also here. The Nemere Trail was created by the contractors and their partners with the aim to explore and present the natural and cultural values, and the traditions of Felső-Háromszék. The trail crosses 50 settlements of Kézdészék and Orbaiszék through 230 km. Along the route there are 30 mineral water springs and 78 outstanding buildings. Every interested person is welcomed to the tour, children under 14 years can participate the 50 km long tour only with parental permission (The application form regarding the parental permission can be claimed from the organizers). The application and log in to the bicycle tour is possible at Ráduly Attila (0766 611066) or in e-mail: . During the bicycle tour there will be possibility to participate in cultural and natural sightseeing and recreational programs. Partner: Manna Group Media partners: Profi Rádió, Transindex, Pluszportál, Székely Újság, Erdé,, Székely Hirmondó, Siculus Rádió, Polyp Tv, Háromszék Author: Ráduly Attila Translated by Péter Csilla Poster design: Elaine Ivassenko