Bicycle Tour on Nemere Trail II

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On 18th of August 2012, from 8 a.m., the Green Sun Association in this year organizes for the second time bicycle tour from Kéydivásárhely on Nemere Trail.

During the tour the cyclists go through on the following settlements: Kézdivásárhely - Szentkatolna - Imecsfalva- Székelypetőfalva - Székelytamásfalva - Szörcse -Orbaitelek - Cófalva - Lécfalva - Kézdimárkosfalva - Kézdimártonfalva -Hatolyka - Szentkatolna – Kézdivásárhely. The contractors in collaboration with its partners established the Nemere Trail with the aim to explore and to describe Felső-Háromszék natural- and cultural values and also the traditions. The route, which is 230 km, skims 30 natural mineral water and 78 prominent building in Kézdiszék and Orbaiszék. With these kind of tours the greens want to make known this region. Every people are welcome who are interested in it, the children under 14 can come only with written parental permission. This tour is 60 km long way. You can apply for written parental permission form on this email address: For more information you have to call Attila Ráduly (tel. 0766 611066). Participants can see a lot of cultural- and natural attractions but also will enjoy the free time activities. Media Partners: Profi Rádió, Transindex, Pluszportál, Székely Újság, Erdé,, Székely Hirmondó, Siculus Rádió, Polyp Tv, Háromszék Translated by Csillag Judit