Bicycle youth camp on the Nemere Trail

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There’s nothing more beautiful than discovering a region by using our own force fighting with the elements of the nature. From 3rd August 2013, starting at 9 AM a bicycle tour will be organized along the Nemere Trail by the Green Sun Association, which will start from the Sinkovits stadium of Kézdivásárhely. During the two-days-long bicycle tour the following settlements will be crossed: Kézdivásárhely - Imecsfalva - Székelypetőfalva - Székelytamásfalva - Szörcse - Orbaitelek - Cófalva - Nagyborosnyó - Kisborosnyó - Lécfalva - Bita - Réty - Kézdimárkosfalva - Kézdimartonfalva - Hatolyka - Szentkatolna - Kézdivásárhely.

The bicycle camp addresses those people who like cycling and who are interested in discovering the magical green route of the Nemere Trail. More information regarding the route can be accessed on the portal created for this reason. The venue of the camp will be the school of Lécfalva. The participants can learn about the county’s other green route, the Sepsi Green Trail, which will be presented by Levente Furus, board member of CIVEK. The participants will need sleeping bag, mats, bathing suit and bicycle. The first ten candidates will receive a gift package. Children under 14 are allowed to participate the 100 km long bicycle tour only with written parental permission. (The application form regarding the parental permission can be claimed from the e-mail address of the Green Sun Association: ). The application and log in to the bicycle camp is possible until 1st August at Ráduly Attila (0766 611066). For more information please call Ráduly Attila (0766 611066), the president of Green Sun Association. Supported by: Kovászna County Sport- and Youth Directorate, Bethlen Gábor Fund and the Youth in Action program Media support: Profi Rádió, Transindex, Szék-helyek,, Székely Hirmondó, Siculus Rádió, Polyp Tv, Háromszék

Author: Ráduly Attila Poster design: Emmanuelle Baillet Translated by Péter Csilla