Bike Tour Event

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Last Saturday took place the first bike tour of the season organised by the Green Sun Association. This event gathered more than 30 cyclist to enjoy one day of sport with family and friends, in Kezdivasarhely's surroundings.  
​Some photos of the event are available in the GSA Facebook Page.

After leaving the city around 9 a clock in the morning in a sunny day we headed towards Perko, to that beautiful church in the top of the hill. Was a little difficult reach the top, only the most braves cyclist could get until the end without getting off the bike. After a little rest we went down through the forest, one of the favourite parts of the tour regarding some of the participants. Once down the hill, we ride our bikes into tour visiting some of the villages near of Kezdi; Kiskászon, Kézdikővár, Torja, Futásfalva and Ikafalva. In the last one we went until the foot of the hill where is located the Ika-Vara tower. That was the last stop before coming back to Kezdi around 18:00. Was amazing to see the variety of people who joined us more than 55 km that finally we did; children, elders, families, couples and friends. We are looking forward to the new bike tours.       

Enrique de Paz