Elena Ershova


You know my friends I am in Romania since exactly 137 days, but October 13 and 14 will be remembered as the best days of all that I spend here! Sea of emotions, beautiful photos and videos, great company! This was not just a weekend, it was a dream!

Drove 1000 miles on the car, saw the most famous and beautiful tourist attractions in Romania: Castles: Rasnov, Bran, Corwin, Transfagarasan road, the Balea lake and the Vidraru dam, walked around Sighisoara, went inside the salt cave Salina Turda and all this in the company of two wonderful people -Alen and Szilárd.


Every day of our lives we learn something new, sometimes without even knowing it. Every day we compare, study, realize, reflect. Having lived 4 months in another country, I was even more convinced that all people are completely different! I had to face instant sympathy and antipathy, absolute idyll and complete incompatibility, gratuitous help and categorical misunderstanding. We are all heroes of different situations and different stories. I tried to understand what are misunderstandings between people, how to deal with them and whether to do it or not.


Every time I go on a trip, whether for a day or two or a year, I tend to take a few things with me as possible. I love to discover new cities by foot, as this is the only way I can believe in the evening that I'm really in a new place, because my legs hurts. It is on insanely but pleasant pain. It often happens that I do not spend the night in a hotel or hostel, because it is expensive, and all night long I walk through the new streets. To these walks is pleasant – a suitcase or even better – a backpack witch should be as small, as comfortable and easy. Fees in Romania are no exception. I analyzed and cleaned, already packed things for the fourth time, shifted and changed already, apparently, found the perfect corner in a bag.


Everyone, being in a new city or country, tries to see and experiment everything that is possible. Before my trip to Romania I made a short bucketlist:

1. Visit Brasov;

2. Take a walk in Bucharest in the night;

3. Try “mamaliga”;

4. Visit the castle Peles;

5. Travel to Bran – Dracula Castle.


It is 8 August and I am in Romania already since 2 month. 


I have marked a small date on my calendar: July 8, a month since I live in Romania. To be honest, I have a feeling that it has not been more than two weeks, but the events were so many, that it seems to me I had spend here almost 1 year! It is believed that the EVS project, especially long-term, is an exit from your comfort zone. Whether my territory before the project was uncomfortable, or I was different from everyone, but I did not feel out of this zone.


From 24 to 30 June, I, Carmen and Zsofi we have participated at OAT training course for EVS volunteers under the Erasmus+ Programe. The training was organized for EVS volunteers who will be in Romania for at least 2 months. Turkey, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, France and Russia was present at the training.

Summarizing that means: 34 people from 12 countries.

Age: 18 to 27 years, 4 coaches.

And a sea of emotions!


What motivates a person to participate in an EVS project? While you are a student-it's a thirst for adventure, testing yourself, the will to travel. What motivates a person who graduated from College, got a good job, career opportunities, her own small apartment? What drives me?