Here comes the end of 2018 - a year of change, reflection and innovation. I believe that every year we become a little better and learn something new. 2018 was no exception. This year has taught me how to repair my own heart, how to reassemble myself, how to manage without the people you thought they would be in your life for a long time. This year has taught me that no one is really with you, that you have to deal with everything yourself. No one will put you back on your feet but only you. This year has shown me how important it is to be yourself in any situation, how important it is to be able to make decisions on your own, how to listen and hear yourself.


Hello everybody!

We are in december now and is winter! Is the first time that I have seen the snow in the city, I saw one time in one mountain in Spain, and is really beautiful!

I like so much to get up in the morning and see the snow, and all the streets and the entraince of our flat full of snow and white! Is something that I never could imagine until now, but the problem of the snow is... is really cold. As I said in another blog, I hate the cold weather, and I still thinking the same but now I'm completely sure that I can support easier the cold weather than before, I'm not saying that I like, but I can support it jaja.


Hello. wink

This time I am  thinking to tell you about "voluntary ball". But we had some problems. Because we didn't have  car, we had to go by train as the ball was in Sfantu Gheorghe.

So we went to train station. When we got there, worker sayed that train had been spoiled, and it will be late more than 2 hours.

 As it was cold we went to drink somethink hot and the same time to think. I didn't know why I lost my mooda nd  didnt want to go any more. 


Hello. Today I will tell you about my last weeks. On 18th until 22 of November I was alone. Miguel and Carmen went Hungary for training. Elena went Brasov for MTM training.

We had “Selective Garbage campaign” activity. The first day that we went was cold, but after day came worm. In that activity we were speaking to peoples, telling about garbage. Everyone should collect garbage separately, glasses separately, plastics separately etc.

For me was hard week, but I am happy, because we were telling necessary information not only for peoples also for nature.


Kindergarten, school, University, work, family, pension, cemetery…

A very dull list of the" most important things " in this life. Have you ever thought about changing something? And what did you do for this? The correct answer for most is nothing, or pathetic attempts.

I took the first but very important step towards to change. I came to Romania for the EVS project. Every day there are different events that fill my life with new emotions and bright colors.

One of such bright events is an intermediate MTM training in Brasov. For 3 days, many of my thoughts turned upside down thanks to the people who were around all this time. I got a kick that makes me act.