The last week Carmen and I with another volunteers of the association we decided to go to Eger to visit the city and also the mountains. We was 10 in total, all of us, volunteers of Green Sun Association. We decided to go with two cars, and go early to arrive at the dinner time to Eger. It was a really long trip, exactly 13 hours until arrive to the Hotel. This Hotel is in the mountain and it's looks so old, but was comfortable to stay here few days and visit the mountain and the nature. 


Today I will write about my colleagues-volunteers. About those with whom I have to live the next 6 months!

Carmencita and Miguel are from Spain. Very young guys who are just beginning their adult life. They meet, do CrossFit and try to get the most out of life! Carmen has been on the project since may 4, that is the sixth month, and Miguel arrived only in August.

Alen is from Armenia. And he is the second person after my mentor who speaks Russian!  This Armenian`s really loves life! I am very glad that he is here,  for him the project began recently-in early August, and will end as for all of us on April 28.


I had been thinking about making a tattoo for a long time, so I decided to make it yesterday.

I had already decided the symbol: “Yin and Yand with wolfs” but I also had to find a master. I asked over my city but couldn’t find. That’s why I looked for a tattoo master in Sfantu Georghe. I kept in touch with him and decided to meet on Saturday at 2 p.m.

I thought it would be difficult to find the tattoo salon as I didn’t know the city well. Fortunately, it was easy.

As the last train leaves at 7.30 p.m., we had just 5 hours to make my tattoo. Of course, we couldn’t finish it in time, and I had to stay there.


I've been thinking about it a lot lately. And really, why don't people fly? Imagine how great that would be! You miss your home and flapping your wings, waving for hours you're home. You want to see Arad once or twice, and you're already in another city. You are late for work-it does not matter, you can fly in a few seconds!

Seriously, as a child, the dream of flying like birds is very pragmatic - it seems to us that it would be surprising if people had wings and could fly anywhere. Over time, the desire to have wings is transformed, becomes more symbolic – in difficult or unpleasant psychological situations, it seems, the only possible option for successful development of events is flying like a bird.


October it's almost ready, almost 6 months here, almost half year here and I have a lot of memories, new thoughts, new discoveries, more friends, new knowledges...and I have 6 months more to spend here and continue growing. This month have been calm, relax, we already changed the season, today we changed the hour, the color of the mountains are changing, the weather each day it's different and also is changing, cold, hot, rain, cloudy...even me.