Volunteering in the Green Sun Association – Bogyó Csilla

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It has passed over a year, since I am up and doing as a volunteer of the Green Sun Association, for the environment and the community I live in. I freshly graduated when I joined the crew and tried to make myself useful. When completing the blank, I did not know, i did not even suspect the changes this application brought in my life and my personality. I feel a radical change in my lifestyle, too, since I am member of the Green Sun Association. I was lucky to see through how a small group of four people – one of them being myself – , making up a non-governmental organisation, expanded more and more. Expanding by new volunteers and members, with whom we have built up close friendships. It fills my heart with joy knowing that after work I have the chance to spend my spare time wisely, to enrich my knowledge, to gather experiences from different specialties. It feels good to know that, apart from family and work, I am member of a community, where I take part in various programmes. My work at the association creates a rather colorful scale of activities: I tried myself as cook (water-course cleaning, camp for volunteers), as photographer, I wrote articles, I welted pictures, attended conferences, sorted and shared clothes, collected dead oil and – which I consider my greatest experience – rebuilt a playground. I feel happy and pleased to be part of such outings, which bring happiness and joy to other people, too. Since I am member of the Zöld Nap Association, I have not only learned to live consciously and to run a householding, but I have managed to reduce my expenses: I use less electricity, I pay attention to my water usage and to many things with which I do not only protect my environment, but my purse, too. Through the Zöld Nap Association I got in touch with several people. What is the moral? I learned to deal with people, an ability very useful at work. And what do I get for being a volunteer? Not money, but lots of other things inestimable in money and wherewithals. I get friends, relations, experiences, self-discipline, self-confidence and I could go on forever. If I could turn back time and have the blank once more in front of me, I would fill it in with no thinking, and send it (again) to zoldnap@googlegroups.com. Here is my message for You: do not hesitate, give yourself a chance to try what you are capable of, give yourself the opportunity to live unique experiences, to enrich yourself with new friends and relations!

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