We were at the Budos Mountain’s Day III

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On 5 of May the Green Sun Association took part for second time in an event called: Budos Mountain’s Day. This event is mostly organized for children to raise awareness for the values of the protected natural area Csomád – Bálványos! Photos taken at this event can be seen on the facebook page of the association.

Greate oportunitie for childs and youth to come in this rich mountain area to see more and to learn more. Five representatives from Green Sun Association: members Szabó Attila, Tóth Katalin, EVS volunteers Ieva Brikmane, Gayane Asatryan and quest Turkish EVS volunteer from Bucharest Ahmet Basık goes to Bálványos make workshop and spend educational time together with group of pupils. There was a group with 13 childs in age around seven, eight from different schools from Sepsiszentgyorgy (Sfantul Gheorghe). After short introduction between Green Sun members and pupils started the educational part of the day. Toth Katalin as a specialist in echology helped by Szabó Attila discuss with child's about environment. Asking different questions about area around Balvanyos, nature and plants on it and teaching new things. As the following part of lesson for child's was to make picture/landscape on paper with materials from nature. All members with pupils go for little walk around the territory. Work with child's was very easy and interesting. They was opened and really interested in all ongoing, asked a lot of questions and take part in discussions as well helped to each other work like a team. After these session all event participants come together for a picnic in nature. As event held in beautiful and nature rich area Csomad – Balvanyos, organizations offer excursion leaded by Janko Balazs around the closest forest. As the owners of forest are planting new trees, we had a chance to see this for nature so important process in alive. As well to wisit some of the "Wonder springs" places, where the gas and steam oazes are reprezentative for post-volcanic activity. And what is more important Janko Balazs teach how to walk in the forest and act if you had a chance to meet bear in alive. This was nice and educational lesson for all participants and Green Sun Association members also. The Green Sun Association thanks to Vinca Minor Association for the invitation.

Author: Ieva Brikmane Photo: Gayane Asatryan