Büdös mountain`s day

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Sunday 12th May, Vinca Minor association invited Green Sun association to the Büdös Mountain’s day in Bálványos-fürdő. Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association.

Our three EVS girls (Elaine, Gema, Emmanuelle) together with two other volunteer ( Szabó Attila and Kónya László) were there. We met Para Zoltán, engineer in nature who explain us the aim of this day. During this year, several specialist conducted researches about this region very special for a geological and ecological point of view. This event was an opportunity for children to learn and understand what the aim of this research was and what they found. We were pleasantly surprised to see so many children and teenagers present and show a real interest for this event. A species of bat is very specific from this region, the barbastelle, that’s why Green Sun proposed a little activity in the afternoon about them. We began to make a little energy game. Then, we went to the forest and ask them to collect a maximum of things that they can find in the nature. After that we gave them scissor, paper and glue. The aim of this activity was to make a bat with what they found a little bit earlier. All creations were very good, with lot of imagination! At last it was a very good afternoon that we spent with children and we was very glad to participate to this event!

Author: Elaine Ivassenko Photo: Gema Puerma Castillo