Citizenship can be FUN!

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“Citizenship can be FUN!” is the name of a program which was takes place last week in Hungary in partnership with the program Youth in Action. From 20th July until 28th July, young volunteers from BOCS Foundation organized this exchange in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, to bring an intercultural event in this city and inspire youth from there to do the same. 8 countries were representing by five young people: Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey and Romania. The photos about the event can be viewed on the Green Sun Association’s facebook page.

Three Green Sun Association members (Szabó Attila, Márkos Ágnes and Elaine Ivassenko) together with Rusu Cristina and Rákos Orsolya, two other young, to represent Romania. For some of us it was not the first exchange but all of us were expecting a very good week. This project was a “combination of verbal and nonverbal communication”. An occasion for all of us to discover other culture but also the city and the area around, speaking and thinking about citizenship, ecologic Foot print, over population, the future of our society… We tried to think in a different way than our consummation and capitalist society. Next to these “intellectual” sessions we had workshops. We learn for example how to do a block note from recycle plastic bags, favorite activity for Orsolya: “For me I liked most the notebook making from a recycle plastic bags, that is very easy and I can prepare at home”. We had the opportunity for those who wanted to have an acrobatic and contact yoga session… For Cristina, “Yoga classes were the culmination of this project, in which we managed to free ourselves from emotions and feel how our body works.” A very complete week! Thanks to lot of guest who brought with them lot of different and interesting ideas to help us to think in a different way. We also thank the volunteers from BOCS Foundation for this wonderful week and all of the young people present. As Ágnes say, “Here we met very interesting and valuable persons from different points of Europe, with whom we will keep in touch in the future.”

Author: Elaine Ivassenko