Come and take a First Aid manual for learning

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Now the First Aid mini guide appeared. We have made it for all the people, who wants to know more about First-aid! It's very important that more people know about first aid, because it can save lives! You were certainly in a situation where you have needed the help of a fellow human. Be it at home, in the company, in school or during your free time. Thats the reason why it should be understandable for you, then to be able to help others in emergency situations. You can find the First Aid mini guide in the Green Sun Association office or online on the internet page of Green Sun Association and it's free for all. It is your decision, if you take this First-aid mini guide or not.

But maybe everyone needs help at some point, and then you are happy, if you have fellow man who can help you, because they have read about First-aid and have learned from it. The Sponsors for this guide are Erasmus+ and Bethlen Gábor Foundation‏. The First-aid mini guide was made by: Melissa Öller she made the content, Clara Bejarano Sánchez she drew the pictures, Céline Berthier she made the design of the mini guide, Derzsi Eszter she made the corrections.