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Today I will write about my colleagues-volunteers. About those with whom I have to live the next 6 months!

Carmencita and Miguel are from Spain. Very young guys who are just beginning their adult life. They meet, do CrossFit and try to get the most out of life! Carmen has been on the project since may 4, that is the sixth month, and Miguel arrived only in August.

Alen is from Armenia. And he is the second person after my mentor who speaks Russian!  This Armenian`s really loves life! I am very glad that he is here,  for him the project began recently-in early August, and will end as for all of us on April 28.

And me...Lena from Russia  a person who loves to travel and appreciates life! 

Completely different people participate in the same project. Different views of life, different values, education, age...but despite all this "different", in any case we are and will be one team for the next 6 months!

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