Activity in Torja

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The village Torja is near Targu Secuiesec. There is two schools and the Green Sun Association today had one activity in one of them. We arrive there almost 8:30 a clock. In spite of the rainy day children and teachers met us very friendly. Children are 7-14 years old. Each of them was interesting and very clever.

We played with them several games. In first case they had to guess the word which explained one of them and in second case each group had to repeat the same sentence. The aim of the games was to develop in children psychology, to  be united, teamwork and communication skills.

Was very interesting another-rope game. 2 opposite teams had to reach the rope and won the strongest team. Also there was a presentation about saving the planet. By the way, 22th of April is World Earth Day. The last activity was a contest which aim was to develop strategies for saving a imaginary city from polution.

So, we left the school full with positive emotions and I am sure we will go there again.


Author: Zhenya Ohanyan