The austrian national event

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On the 25th of November was celebrated the Austrian national event in the culture house from Kézdivásárhely. The organizer was the Green Sun Association and his EVS volunteer Melissa Öller. Everybody who was interested, to learn more about Austria (History and culture), had the chance to come. The event was successful, because there came around 70 people who were interested and also a lot of media partners from Kézdivásárhely. Pictures from the event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the association.

The Event started with the national hymn from Austria and everybody stood up during the song. After that, the next step was the presentation, it started with some important facts about Austria. Than I talked about my village where I live, and I showed them in which province it is, and which traditions we have. Also I showed two videos about Austria and about the Mühlviertel. Mühlviertel is the name of the region where I live. I spoke also about the differences between Germany and Austria, because a lot of people think we are same, but that's not true. During the presentation I gave for the participants a little typical snack from Austria, it's called „Manner Wafferl“. I spoke also about the History, about Empress Elisabeth and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They were two important people in the History, and it's interesting to know a little bit more about them, how they lived and what happened in the past. Afterwards the traditions followed, I told them about the maypole, we celebrate this in every village/town and we make a festival with special dances and challenges. On other tradition is the Perchten- and Krampusläufe, they come together with the Nicholas and the angels around the 5th. December until the beginning of January and the take away the evil spirit of the winter. The last theme was about motocross race, because we have a lot of people who have this hobby, and this race is on of the biggest of this kind in Europe. At the end the people had the chance to try another special food from Austria, it's called „Kaiserschmarrn“ and it's something sweet, and you can eat it also with jam. I hope the people liked this event. For me it was very good because there came so much people, and it made me happy that they were so interested.

Author: Melissa Öller Photo: Clara Bejarano and Iochom István