Away from home, but I carry everything with me.

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Every time I go on a trip, whether for a day or two or a year, I tend to take a few things with me as possible. I love to discover new cities by foot, as this is the only way I can believe in the evening that I'm really in a new place, because my legs hurts. It is on insanely but pleasant pain. It often happens that I do not spend the night in a hotel or hostel, because it is expensive, and all night long I walk through the new streets. To these walks is pleasant – a suitcase or even better – a backpack witch should be as small, as comfortable and easy. Fees in Romania are no exception. I analyzed and cleaned, already packed things for the fourth time, shifted and changed already, apparently, found the perfect corner in a bag. And even, despite the modest weight and size of the suitcase, I was able to place in it all the Essentials and did not forget about the dear things. These are the things I want to tell you a little more about.

The first" residents " of my suitcase were the hoodies. Already 4 pieces! And all four of them have their own story that comes up every time one of the hoodies is on me. Three of them are from the forums, and people who know me well, you know what it means to me every trip to "Seliger", "Tauris" or "Baltic Artek". During the few days of the educational program in the circle of like-minded people I get energized, fueled by new emotions and become even a little happier. "All houses", "Volunteer instructor 2014", "Komi Republic" - hoodies that not only warm the body and soul, but also remind me that we make our lives happy, and loved ones will be there, despite the thousands of kilometers that divide us. Another sweatshirt belongs to my brother, and this is its greatest value.

The next thing that took its place in the depths of the suitcase is Polo. A t-shirt that reminds me that everything in life can be achieved. Putting it on a run-I am charged with energy of all athletes of the Republic of Komi.

Many have their talisman-hairpin, pen, keychain, bracelet, etc., my talisman is with me since 4 years. A gift of children who have already traveled 4 countries and more than 6 cities of Russia. This Bunny reminds me that you need to be yourself in any situation and then people will reach out to you. The child feels the heart.

I never get tired of saying that my friends are the best. I am very lucky in this life, because I am surrounded by wonderful people! Thousands of acquaintances, thanks to forums and meetings, change of residence and work, Hobbies and sports. Every person in my life leaves their mark. Sometimes the trail is soft and fluffy to touch him, becomes happy and comfortable, and sometimes the trail leaves a deep dent and touch it where is no desire. I collect traces not only in memory, but also in the lines, this helps me notebook Vincent. Yana knew what I needed.

Another thing that took an important place in the backpack – a novel by Leo Tolstoy "Anna Karenina". Weighty book. I read this novel at school, at the Institute and decided to take on the road. This is not because I really like this work, it is undoubtedly fine, but does not belong to the category of loved ones. I am encouraged by the amount – enough for two flights and a 5-6 hour journey in the bus. The book reminds me that you should always self-improve and educate yourself. Two educations are not the limit. Find in my city a book in Russian is problematic, so the electronic version or audio version is very save. And, it turns out, on the Internet you can find an incredible number of educational webinars on various topics. Use it!

And the last thing on the list, but not the most important thing, which takes up very little space and is located during the trip in my pocket, where now spends most of the time – half a key FOB. The second half of Julia. Every time I open the door or the bike lock, I remember that love is waiting me at home.

It's been 3 months. 9 months more and I'll be in familiar surroundings with loved ones. And yet not be bored! My EVS project is in full swing

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