Balvanyos Camp

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Ending September the trees are starting to turn into amazing browns, and for this time, the Green Sun Association organized last Friday, Saturday and Sunday one Camp in Balvanyos resort with 20 youngsters between 14 and 20 years old, and once again, we gave our best to teach them something about recycling and to think in a greener way, not only in the throwaway mentality which rules nowadays.

Activities started with some knowing each other games, because most of children never meet before as they came from different parts of the region; trough activities like “the cobweb” or presenting themselves with one fancy movement, some of the names started to flow.

The place in middle of the forest was suitable to enjoy outside, when the weather allowed and the sun shined full of bird songs. In Saturday morning took place one of the best moment according to the children opinion: everybody after lunch put on walk until one old castle and some mineral spas in the surroundings.

With recycling plastic, paper or toilet rolls and the power of the imagination and creativity, they show us in a remarkable way how to make in different ways some useful staff with recycled things.

Last day was time for culture. We learnt about mushrooms, plants and about Nature 2000 protected areas, like where we were sleeping those days. Furthermore, we could watch our neighbors the bears, deers and wolfs in some beautiful videos as well as discover all together the different sound that they reproduce.

Definitely it was a really nice weekend with a marvelous group of people in an incomparable area full of wild-nature and fun.

Enrique de Paz