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Winter is like that kind of things you are trying to push out and is always coming back. The good point for this time is that is possible to see beautiful storms with thunders and this stuff, I really would like to see one from the balcony with a hot tea and the lights off. Yesterday we had another Moving afternoon and it was great because a lot of people came and they were doing different things. They were having fun. Some things what we prepared for them worked better and others worst but is normal. And Monday we went to a school in Sfântu Gheorghe and we were making different things like talking about bikes, making games or science experiments. It was interesting. And also is the first time I eat in a school with other kids because in my school in Spain we don’t have this. We go back home to eat and then we go again to the school. I am waiting for the end of the month when my parents come to visit me. I really miss them. They will enjoy it a lot and is going to be funny to see them dealing with another language and culture! And I think we will visit Tusnad to have a bath in the hot waters. About my personal work with the comic, I like a lot and is very funny, but is taking a lot of time to make it and is taking between 2-3 weeks to prepare a page depending on the rest of works. And about the future… I have already the plane ticket. My grandmother paid for me. I talk yesterday night with her in skype and she was getting nervous when we were talking! She is not very good controlling the feelings and makes her very cute. Is hard for her to have me so far and thinking that I will be out for another 2 years. I understand her very well and why she is worried… Something that is still surprising me about this country is the quantity of flowers the men gift for the girls. In the woman´s day it was a lot of people walking in the street with flowers. You will never see this in Spain. In my 25 years in Spain I only had flowers one single time. I realize now… I have two flowers right now next to my computer in water. One is yellow and the other is red… the colours of the Spanish flag! See you next time!

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