Building a Great Team

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During the 19-20 weekend of March, was held one event in Csernáton. After meeting in Kezdi, we headed toward the house where take place the first Team Building of 2016 organized by the Green Sun Association. Photos of the event can be viewed on the Association Facebook page.

The chosen place for the 19 participants was a beautiful house at the foot of the tower Ika . During the meeting, the organization’s volunteers shared their experiences training communication skills, planning activities and playing some games. Was a perfect 2-days opportunity to learn and have fun. In this two days many issues related to the organization of different events held during the year by the green sun association, were addressed by the volunteers, like the monthly Moving afternoon event, and the Spring Green Days. At the end of the day, a final evaluation showed the degree of satisfaction of participants in the activities carried out and the proposals. When night came and the sun goes out, we enjoyed a delicious dinner, and after that, the show gave way. Together we enjoyed a wonderful time filled with games, music and joy by the entire group. Henrietta especially because at night we celebrate his birthday, and Diana, who had a birthday the next day. On Sunday morning, after a strong family breakfast, we packed our bags and went into the woods to enjoy a sunny day doing a hiking trail through the beautiful surroundings of the area.

“My first experience in this activity has been very positive. I have learned a lot from my team-mates and understand more thoroughly the organization functioning, in addition to having fun and enjoyed in a very special area” - Said Silvia Blanco, EVS volunteer and event participant.

Enrique de Paz